Thursday, 30 April 2020


Outreach during lockdown
Take a moment to phone a friend, neighbour or colleague.
No matter how “ok” you may think they are.
As this time of distancing gets longer, people will feel lonelier.
Not everyone has internet - but you can still talk, read, pray, sing and play games on the telephone !
If you are feeling lonely please reach out if you can.
But let’s not wait ... let’s phone a friend.


How to fit £250 worth of food in 36 bags into a Skoda Fabia
Big THANK YOU to COG for a grant so that Sheffield Christadelphians can deliver food parcels to Urban House in Wakefield


Monday, 20 April 2020


As the Covid crisis starts to kick in your neighbours need you.
This is an important time to make relationships and links with those around you as communities explode into action and reach out for help.
Community response teams and projects are being rolled out rapidly and crying out for volunteer manpower and support.
Although grants can be applied for, there is a time period involved and those groups are needing funds in a hurry to help their area.
Please join and search on your local face book pages to see what is being done and offer your support as a church or individual.
COG is happy to support these groups with grants where we can. If you can locate the need please fill in one of our forms from the link on our site and if we have funds we will process it for you as quickly as we can.
Or if nothing happening in your area, set up an office and help line - we will support and fund you where possible.


As you will all have guessed, the St Basil walk has been cancelled for this year. We will be in touch by email with all who have registered for this event. COG plan to relaunch for the new date next year at some point, God willing.
Here is the message from St Basils:
Unfortunately the St Basils Walk 2020 (HIKE FOR HOMELESS) is postponed until next year and the dates and times have now been changed to reflect this. We have taken this decision due to the increasing concerns about the spread of Coronavirus and whilst this is one of our biggest fundraising events your safety comes first. The good news is you can already sign up for next years event securing your places at this years prices.
The good news is that this event will now take place on Saturday 12th June 2021, same place, times and everything. Thanks for your understanding and continued support for this event.
If you have already paid your team registration fee for the now cancelled 2020 event please contact us for a refund or to let us know you would like it carried over for next year. (If you would like to register your team for 2021 now, then you would be guaranteeing your teams place at 2020 prices. Just fill out the form at the foot of the page).
Information about the walk: It will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Malvern Hills starting and finishing from Eastnor Castle. Now in it’s 21st year this event attracts hundreds of teams for all sectors of society and to recognise the challenging aspect of this great fundraiser we are changing the name to HIKE FOR HOMELESS. (We will slowly introduce this new title over the coming months but it is still the same St Basils Walk as before. Only the name is changing.)


Now more than ever your neighbours need you! People will often feel unable to reach out and will go hungry rather than ask for help. One idea is to put food outside your home for neighbours to take anonymously or leave in their porch. Another cheap and easy way to help your community in this crisis is to set up a pantry. I set this one up about a year ago and it is now proving to be a useful place for locals to share. I had a lot of DVD's , books and jigsaws in storage that are now being snapped up like hot cakes! It looks after itself as people donate and people take and just needs a tidy up once a day.
Or donate food or money to your local community group as a church- they can distribute to those in need.

“And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." ... These are the sacrifices that please God." Hebrews 13:16

Monday, 2 March 2020



Old age brings about an abundance of needs but one of the greatest is loneliness.
A friendly face and smile can transform someone’s day and relationships are easy to foster when the other person has plenty of time on their hands!
Care homes are often keen to link up with local churches who can provide time, donations and maybe even a church service if needed.
Why not approach your local home and see what their needs are and if you can support them in any way.
There are also schemes that can help you link up, like the ‘Embracing Age’ charity in London for example.

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Flood aid

As many areas in the U.K. are affected by storms, floods and aftermath of flooding can you offer help ?
Whether it’s warm food & drinks , temporary shelter, helping to lay sandbags, clearing up after the floods, offering replacement items or donating to funds ...
Find out what you can do by looking at your local area news or raise funds for other areas.
There’s a lot of devastation already and more to come .

Thursday, 6 February 2020


TIME BANKING is a fantastic way to engage with your neighbours.
As a member you can view all the local ‘offers and requests’ and exchange your time using an online ‘time account’.
Coordinators work with individuals or organisations like churches using exchanges, events and community projects.
Everybody has something to offer, even just attending a local event you are giving time to your community and making links with your neighbours.
There’s lots of potential to spread love and kindness and show your community that you are a living, active church family.
Use the link to see if there’s one operating near you.