Monday, 5 October 2020


A lovely parcel of woolly hats and scarves arrived today for our 'Knit2gether' project!

Tuesday, 29 September 2020




Our doppleganger project in North America!

Tuesday, 22 September 2020


We are looking for somebody to take on the role of coordinating and working on our 'knit2gether' project. This is a long term appeal that aims to encourage outreach by knitting hats and scarves to be used in the community for the homeless and refugees. We are also including baby clothes and blankets for local baby banks.We have several participating UK ecclesias that agree to take the donations and ideally take the opportunity to donate locally in an act of outreach or pass to COG who will do that for them.
We need a person to take this on and move it forward- sending out patterns and liaising with ecclesias and our church community.
If you think it's something you would like to do please get in touch- we would love to hear from you.

Friday, 21 August 2020


Thanks COG for inspiring The Garden, a new outreach initiative in North America.


The team at COG would really love to hear your stories of outreach during the pandemic and / or as we gradually go forwards in this changing world.

Whether you have done this as an individual , as a group , or as a church.

Feel free to share your stories of outreach here in the group or via email or message to our page.
(If you have photos too that would be great ~ with permission from anyone in them to share)

We would love to share these stories to inspire others.

Or just to hear ourselves what has been done ~ which may inspire projects for COG too !

(The story sharing can be done anonymously if people prefer 😊)

Can’t wait to hear them !


I had an interesting chat with my friend recently, who works for the council in a community role. I asked about local churches and what she felt about them. She explained how important churches are to their work and she talked about all the local churches in my area . She knew very well which ones were willing to engage and respond to her and willing to work together and also the ones that were the opposite. Churches are a big part of community.

We are always being watched by our neighbours and community for signs of warmth and open hearts. I once stood outside a local school, which was a stones throw from the hall. I was advertising a holiday club and pointed to the hall to show where it was being held. The responses amazed me- some mum's said they didn’t know what happened in that hall and others said they hadn’t noticed it.

Community work is like anything- the more you put into it the more you gain. I feel sure that everyone knew who Jesus was in his work and he understood community. Outreach projects help you to start the process of creating relationships. Your community is like your crop or harvest- like farmers we need to be in the middle of the field and inspecting our crop and knowing it every day- our place is in community, spreading love and warmth on the field like fertilizer and then standing back to let God work.


Royalty visited a baby bank in Sheffield this week and highlighted the work they do. COG is supporting a new baby bank which is being run by a group of Christadelphians in Ely. Why not see if there is a need for one in your area? We accept grants from individuals or small groups and would love to see these grow. It is very exciting to run a community project with your brethren and sisters and create a space for God to work and send you daily opportunities to serve and give.

Thursday, 6 August 2020


Here's a report from Bridget on a grant that we have recently approved

To report on progress so far. The money we have received from you has been very useful in supplying newly arriving refugees to Leicester with just a few essentials. They often arrive with limited personal effects and are placed into accommodation that is less than hospitable and never very clean. This money has been used to supply a one off “goodie bag” containing cleaning products and personal hygiene products. It is hoped that it can help on day one in a new town where they possibly know no one else and as we are currently not meeting at our hall, we cannot call on our Brothers and Sisters to help with cleaning products, as has been done in the past.

Monday, 27 July 2020


Following a grant from COG, our Baby Bank project which is being run by a few of us, has started to grow. We now have a shed with shelving for the many donated items from the community and have helped 10 clients in the last three weeks with clothes, prams and nappies. 

Our first step was to contact our nearest baby bank who were very willing to help with support and advice.Then by making links with local social services, councils, GP's and local community groups and using Facebook as our main route, word is spreading and it's become very clear that there is a need for our work, which is exciting. We have also linked with food bank and will have vouchers printed that we can hand over if we see a further need. 

We have had 4 offers of help with sorting clothes and making deliveries which we hadn't expected- it will be great to get the local community involved - always good with a church outreach project.

We will keep you updated but we thank God that he has given us opportunity to work together and show his love to those around us.To watch progress you can visit our fb page- Ely Baby Bank.Why not get together with other members and see what outreach project you can do in your area- COG will fund and support whatever you do.