Monday, 27 July 2020


Following a grant from COG, our Baby Bank project which is being run by a few of us, has started to grow. We now have a shed with shelving for the many donated items from the community and have helped 10 clients in the last three weeks with clothes, prams and nappies. 

Our first step was to contact our nearest baby bank who were very willing to help with support and advice.Then by making links with local social services, councils, GP's and local community groups and using Facebook as our main route, word is spreading and it's become very clear that there is a need for our work, which is exciting. We have also linked with food bank and will have vouchers printed that we can hand over if we see a further need. 

We have had 4 offers of help with sorting clothes and making deliveries which we hadn't expected- it will be great to get the local community involved - always good with a church outreach project.

We will keep you updated but we thank God that he has given us opportunity to work together and show his love to those around us.To watch progress you can visit our fb page- Ely Baby Bank.Why not get together with other members and see what outreach project you can do in your area- COG will fund and support whatever you do.

Sunday, 19 July 2020


Our small team is filled with sadness at the news that our wonderful friend and sister Mel, has fallen asleep. 

Mel was diagnosed with cancer shortly after joining us three years ago, so we feel as though we have walked with her through the illness. She bounded up to us at our first outreach day, where we announced that we needed a treasurer for our new project, and what a blessing she has been. COG work mostly through a very active messenger chat, meaning that we can talk frequently and act quickly. Mel’s voice has been a constant on the group chat , right up to two weeks ago when she advised us on her successor after getting the accounts beautifully in order for us. Always perky and smiling even when we knew she was going through very tough treatment and always bold,  wise and to the point. She was somebody we all turned to for the last word and we all trusted her judgement completely. 

Her last message to us talked about how wonderful it had been to work together and how exciting to have been involved in COG which was so needed in our community- Mel really understood true outreach and we have lost a huge asset. God gave and God has taken away- we will continue to push the message about the transforming power of grace that can be seen in outreach as she would want us to.  But we will miss her so much!

Monday, 22 June 2020


Would you like to join our small UK team? COG is a small but energetic and forward thinking group that aims to raise awareness of the importance of outreach in our church lives.We are currently in need of a treasurer, which is a vital role in the smooth running of COG. If you have these skills and you are searching for a new channel to serve and you have the energy and vibe to bring along, we would love to hear from you!
Please contact us for more info or the role description.


We received this report recently from Kings Heath:
“Thank you very much for your grant of £329.19 towards the 'Keep calm and carry a fabulous bag' project for Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid.
We used most of the money to buy bags & rucksacks from Amazon & TK Max which Kings Heath ecclesia then filled with a mix of useful items and presents (as suggested by BSWA).
There were 22 in the end and were delivered just before Christmas.”

Thursday, 30 April 2020


Outreach during lockdown
Take a moment to phone a friend, neighbour or colleague.
No matter how “ok” you may think they are.
As this time of distancing gets longer, people will feel lonelier.
Not everyone has internet - but you can still talk, read, pray, sing and play games on the telephone !
If you are feeling lonely please reach out if you can.
But let’s not wait ... let’s phone a friend.


How to fit £250 worth of food in 36 bags into a Skoda Fabia
Big THANK YOU to COG for a grant so that Sheffield Christadelphians can deliver food parcels to Urban House in Wakefield


Monday, 20 April 2020


As the Covid crisis starts to kick in your neighbours need you.
This is an important time to make relationships and links with those around you as communities explode into action and reach out for help.
Community response teams and projects are being rolled out rapidly and crying out for volunteer manpower and support.
Although grants can be applied for, there is a time period involved and those groups are needing funds in a hurry to help their area.
Please join and search on your local face book pages to see what is being done and offer your support as a church or individual.
COG is happy to support these groups with grants where we can. If you can locate the need please fill in one of our forms from the link on our site and if we have funds we will process it for you as quickly as we can.
Or if nothing happening in your area, set up an office and help line - we will support and fund you where possible.


As you will all have guessed, the St Basil walk has been cancelled for this year. We will be in touch by email with all who have registered for this event. COG plan to relaunch for the new date next year at some point, God willing.
Here is the message from St Basils:
Unfortunately the St Basils Walk 2020 (HIKE FOR HOMELESS) is postponed until next year and the dates and times have now been changed to reflect this. We have taken this decision due to the increasing concerns about the spread of Coronavirus and whilst this is one of our biggest fundraising events your safety comes first. The good news is you can already sign up for next years event securing your places at this years prices.
The good news is that this event will now take place on Saturday 12th June 2021, same place, times and everything. Thanks for your understanding and continued support for this event.
If you have already paid your team registration fee for the now cancelled 2020 event please contact us for a refund or to let us know you would like it carried over for next year. (If you would like to register your team for 2021 now, then you would be guaranteeing your teams place at 2020 prices. Just fill out the form at the foot of the page).
Information about the walk: It will take place in the beautiful surroundings of the Malvern Hills starting and finishing from Eastnor Castle. Now in it’s 21st year this event attracts hundreds of teams for all sectors of society and to recognise the challenging aspect of this great fundraiser we are changing the name to HIKE FOR HOMELESS. (We will slowly introduce this new title over the coming months but it is still the same St Basils Walk as before. Only the name is changing.)


Now more than ever your neighbours need you! People will often feel unable to reach out and will go hungry rather than ask for help. One idea is to put food outside your home for neighbours to take anonymously or leave in their porch. Another cheap and easy way to help your community in this crisis is to set up a pantry. I set this one up about a year ago and it is now proving to be a useful place for locals to share. I had a lot of DVD's , books and jigsaws in storage that are now being snapped up like hot cakes! It looks after itself as people donate and people take and just needs a tidy up once a day.
Or donate food or money to your local community group as a church- they can distribute to those in need.

“And do not neglect doing good and sharing, for with such sacrifices God is pleased." ... These are the sacrifices that please God." Hebrews 13:16