Friday, 21 April 2017

We are looking forward to seeing those of you who can make it at the pre-launch meeting next Saturday, God willing. The programme for the day looks roughly like this:

2.00 - Coffee
2.15 - COG welcome
2.30 - Five minute presentations
3.30 - Workshop
4.45 - COG round up

We have several people lined up to do the presentations. They are all sharing their own experiences,both on the street and within their ecclesial hall. The workshops will then be encouraging discussion on general outreach, including issues that may be faced and how it could be used more in our community.

We will also have questionnaires around the hall for you to fill in personally so that we can hear everybody's voice. We are hoping to set up a 'skills bank' and will be looking for people prepared to give short term advice in the future if needed so please indicate if you would like to help with that.

There will be activities laid on for the kids if need be. We haven't heard of any that are attending yet and would be grateful if you could let us know.

The day is hopefully going to be informal so drinks will be self serve through the afternoon. We will keep the hall open for awhile after the session so if you would like to eat sandwiches before you leave, that will be possible.

We hope that you will find it an interesting afternoon. We look forward to using your experience and knowledge to launch COG in the right direction and start work on this exciting project.