Sunday, 16 July 2017

Bags of Love

We met last week at a very nice National Trust property in the Midlands and over coffee and cake our plans for our sleeping bag appeal started to roll. We  chose the name 'Bags of Love' and we are now all happily busy researching types of bag, online donations and distribution to launch this appeal to our community. We are working with Jack Follis from 'follis creative' to produce a logo, fliers and marketing material and aiming to launch early September.  There is much to do and we would like to thank those who have already sent us generous donations to support us with this- we are so grateful! If you feel you can help in any way with your advice or experience with the homeless please get in touch.

Our team now includes Mel Downton as treasurer, who is busy setting up 'gift aid' and all the financial stuff! David Smith ( Wardley) is with us too and we met with Janine Finlay last week. Janine is Canadian and brings a fresh approach and perspective which we hope will bring the younger generation forward. We really hope they will bring their energy and ideas to this charity and the sleeping bag project. We posed for a selfie at the end of the meet up so here we are: