Tuesday, 28 November 2017


On 26 November, we delivered 30 sleeping bags for homeless people to The Orchard Day Shelter in Bradford, in association with the Christadelphian Outreach Group as part of the Bags of Love appeal.  Our teenagers packed each sleeping bag with a copy of Luke’s gospel, a chocolate bar, and a small card with a handwritten scripture that they thought would be of comfort to people going through difficult times.
The Day Shelter runs in Salvation Army premises with funding from Bradford City Council, providing a meal, bathing and laundry facilities, advice and some healthcare to homeless people during the daytime.  The sleeping bags will be distributed by their Street Outreach team, who go out on the street two evenings each week providing food and essentials to people in immediate need.
We took the sleeping bags with some hats and gloves to the Day Shelter after our services on Sunday.  When we arrived, the centre users were tidying up after their Cook & Eat, having prepared a meal made from food parcels.  The bags were very gratefully received by Simon on behalf of the Outreach team.  He has been homeless himself in the past and knows what it is like to face these same difficulties.  He told us that the team sometimes get old duvets donated, but they are not nearly as good as proper sleeping bags.  He said he already knew of 10 people who would benefit immediately from the bags, and the others will be in high demand this winter.
Thanks to everyone who has donated to the Bags of Love appeal.

Simon and two of the shelter users are pictured here with sleeping bags.