Friday, 8 December 2017


Here we are in Manchester delivering 30 sleeping bags to very grateful folk at Lifeshare. Linda and  Melissa said how delighted their clients would be! They love sleeping bags as they are mobile. Blankets and quilts get abandoned. They also love wind-up torches and radios . . . . Next year?? 

This is Derek and Rosie Warburton and Jan Draper, all from Old Trafford,  handing them over.

We already have links with Lifeshare as quite a few of our members over the years have volunteered for their Christmas project,  when they do a full meal programme, plus care and medical provision for five days.  We also support them regularly, and have special collections at Christmas, when we do 'Bethlehem at the Bethel' a free, fun morning for local families, with crafts and a cafe, with voluntary contributions to Lifeshare. We also collect food for day centres, at harvest, where we are known for buying exactly what they need! As well as small local food parcels, we bulk buy for the Booth Centre, who  are very appreciative of our support.

We are delighted to be able to be involved with COG and pray for God's blessing on all you do to share his love with those in greatest need.