Thursday, 18 January 2018


We received all the bags and took these to Guildford Action. This is an organisation that the Guildford Christadelphians have been working with for over 4 years. They operate a homeless day centre plus a whole range of social support services for the disadvantaged. We have supported the homeless centre with monthly evening meals during the colder months and a Christmas special where we ensure they have a meal to remember with gifts for all. In addition to this we regular supply dry/canned food and warm clothing

Although Guildford is perceived as a wealthy area there are currently hostel places for around 110 overnight guests but this is some 20 to 30 short of  what is needed. Even those in the hostels have to be out during the day so Guildford Action provides them with a safe place, refreshments and lunch plus help with access to training, daily activities and social support. During the summer time we also help out with lunches. 

Guildford Action were absolutely delighted with the 30 sleeping bags which will be put to immediate good use. The picture shows the Centre Manager giving out a bag to one of the regulars who we know well. We included a note to say that these were from Guildford Christadelphians - they know us quite well now