Wednesday, 3 January 2018


Report from Gorseinon Group
Back at the Access Point in Swansea, delivering another 30 bags to be shared between three charities which help rough sleepers: Caerlas, The Wallich and Crisis.
This time we put copies of Glad Tidings in the bags, along with a little invite to our meetings in Gorseinon. We also took along some toiletries, ruck sacks and clothing which had been donated by individual brothers and sisters.
The Access Point has its own NHS nurse and offers showering facilities, a laundry, clothes and food to the homeless, as well as supporting people with advice and access to shelters, benefits and rented accommodation.
Dawn and I had quite a long chat with the staff about the needs of the charities in their work with the homeless. An endless supply of new boxer shorts, knickers and socks is needed.
When we asked if they had any suggestions for future projects, they suggested "gift vouchers". This would involve specific charities being given vouchers, which they could then spend on the needs of individual clients - be it toiletries, food, clothing, or start up packs (kettle, cutlery, crockery, pans, bedding etc.) for those going in to a new tenancy. The charities themselves could then buy the items on the behalf of clients. This suggestion has been passed on to the COG committee.
We pray that our Father will bless our act of love and service.
The photo below is of The Wallich Staff (Zaneta and Jenny) with Sister Dawn Cottrell on the right. Thanks for taking one for the team Dawn!