Tuesday, 13 February 2018


Reports from 'Bags of Love' are still coming in and here is a really encouraging one from Janine at Shirley. 

On Jan 23, we brought the bags to the Olivet care home as an afternoon activity with the residents. Together with the residents we assembled chocolate bars, water bottles and two laminated Bible verses per sleeping bag. I did a little presentation to tell them more about COG, and then we had Melissa--the fundraising coordinator of SIFA Fireside come and give us a presentation about their work for the homeless in Birmingham. We handed over the sleeping bag packages to Melissa, and she informed us they would be gone within 5 minutes of the shelter opening! She was extremely grateful and the residents really enjoyed the afternoon and felt very involved in doing something meaningful. 

The photos below show Janine presenting about COG, Melissa presenting about SIFA fireside and the bags being prepared and transported.