Tuesday, 4 December 2018


Thank you to Hilary for this report from Worthing:

Last Friday we took 20 rucksacks to our local Homeless charity, Turning Tides.  We had included 9 items in each rucksack, 15 being for men and 5 for women.  This was mostly funded by our Sisters’ Discussion Group but others were invited to contribute and some did.  
They were very gratefully received and the organiser said they would be taken to the Day Centre in the town as this was where they were often asked for rucksacks.  I am attaching some photos as you requested.  I have also sent them to Turning Tides as the organiser said they would probably put one in their Newsletter – this goes out to hundreds in the town.  

We put a card in each rucksack saying ‘With love from Worthing Christadelphians’.  It will be good publicity for us if mention is made in the Newsletter as we are not often known for helping others, as you know.