Friday, 10 May 2019


Latest report from Hereford:

“I wanted to thank you and COG for the rucksacks and contents (flask, torch, lunchbox, hat and gloves, chocolate )

These were donated to Hereford Open Door for redistribution to homeless men and women in Hereford. They proved extremely popular. Walking through High Town and meeting our guests at the breakfast sessions, the red rucksacks are very much on view. They are just the right size for day use although I have seen a couple with sleeping bag strapped underneath and one person, has your rucksack strapped to a larger bag carrying his worldly goods. The torches were extremely popular because of their quality and, of course, the dark nights.

One of our long-time homeless guests had a very tatty rucksack (holes & broken zips) and I had some difficulty convincing him to let me replace it...... He wears it proudly now.
Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to COG and everyone who helped put together the donation. It was extremely thoughtful and very generous.

With our very best wishes
Hereford Open Door”