Wednesday, 17 March 2021



A lovely report from our Aberdeen church:

See our attached Photo below as we deliver a COG £50 voucher’s worth of food to the Inchgarth Community Centre, run by  Paul O’Connor on the left of the photo. 

The Aberdeen Ecclesia has met at this community centre for a decade or two.  They have always been kind and helpful to us.  In return we have supported the Centre the best we could, over and above paying our rent.  When Covid caused the closure of the centre the Aberdeen Ecclesia decided to maintain our rent payments.

The centre is the Centre of the Inchgarth Community.  Paul has done great things here.  He managed to get a collective Queens Award for the centre - MBE for Volunteer Group.  Paul previously was awarded an MBE for his community work in Aberdeen.   He is also Chair of the Garthdee Community Council, and also runs a food bank from the centre.

 Thanks to COG for initiating this deed.