Monday, 29 March 2021



I am writing to tell you what we did at Worthing with the £50 Tesco voucher sent to us by COG.   I contacted the local homeless charity, Turning Tides, with whom we have had a long association and asked them whether they would prefer to receive the voucher or items bought by us at Tesco.  They said they would rather have the items so I went shopping with my daughter at Tesco and we took the items to their depot on Friday.  I am attaching a couple of photos of me delivering the goods which we chose from their wishlist for March.  Unfortunately the van taking supplies to their centres was in front of the depot and the logo behind it is very small.  They were very grateful especially for toilet rolls, washing up liquid etc  We managed to spend £49.95!  I gave them the flyer for COG to explain where the voucher had come from and I expect to get an acknowledgment at some point.