Monday, 19 April 2021



We explored various options for how to make best use of the £50 COG voucher and tried to engage the whole ecclesia in identifying options for us to show an act of kindness to those around us. We did look into one popular suggestion of helping the 'baby basics' charity who help young mums but there was not a local group with whom we could link. It remains an option for the future.

 We decided in the end to reconnect with a local care home we had supported last Christmas when we purchased gifts for staff and residents. This time we enquired about the needs of residents to discover that they were in need of brightening up the garden area for the residents who have an outside seating area which lacked any garden colour and interest. So we used the voucher to purchase a good range of outdoor plants and several members made Easter cards for all of the residents which were hand delivered and very well received.

 The photo shows the home managers with the plants which we delivered to them at Westwood Care home in Ashby, just a few minutes walk from our meeting room. They were delighted with the gifts which we hope will bring many months worth of pleasure to the residents who have experienced a challenging year, and it was lovely to deepen our relationship as an ecclesia with both staff and residents which we hope to continue to grow..

 Hope this is of interest and thank you for enabling us to be involved.