Friday, 9 April 2021



Thank you so much for sending us the Lockdown Voucher at Bournemouth Winton.

We used it yesterday (Good Friday) to give out daffodils and Easter eggs to everyone that came to our hall forecourt to collect free surplus food.  We also gave an Easter card with an invitation to our online Easter Sunday service.

 The surplus food activity, run by a local charity, use our outdoor space to set up their ‘supermarket’ and invite people to come and do their shopping for free.  Although, due to Covid19 restrictions, we could only have minimal helpers from our church there, it was wonderful to be back at work interacting with the local community and catching up with familiar faces.  There were many stories where people have coped surprisingly well during the last year but equally stories which made us feel so thankful for warm homes and food on the table.  We thank the Lord for this local charity in Winton and we pray we are able to support them going forward for as long as we are needed.