Tuesday, 1 June 2021


Here is a lovely report from our Guildford church:

We used the £500 grant from COG as seed funding for computers to 2 different schools.

Firstly we gave 3 refurbished (recent models) I-pads to Gosden House School which is for kids with learning difficulties and who really need an I-pad each to be able to work with the programmes they use. Currently some have to share, so being given some extra was a great boon to them.

In addition to that we bought 2 brand new Chrome Books for a school located in a deprived area of Guildford where some kids really need a computer as they do not have one at home.

The total amount donated by our Guildford church members was eventually almost £2000. The £500 grant was a great start and helped to get the whole exercise going.