Monday, 30 January 2023




 Today we donated the Aldi vouchers kindly supplied to us by COG to PARCA ( Peterborough Asylum and Refugee Community Association). PARCA is a great charity which supports Refugees of all Nationalities and beliefs. It provides English Classes for pre- entry and level 1 students, offers support with claiming benefits and finding a job. Also helps with accessing school places and has a food bank and a clothes bank. It also provides social events such as Art/ craft clubs and a breakfast club.

Here is a photo of Lily and myself handing the vouchers to Maria at PARCA.



Glasgow South ecclesia took part in the recent Tokens of Love project run by COG. We were very grateful to have our application accepted. 


Once we received the vouchers, as requested I contacted COG to get them activated.  We as an ecclesia already have collections for a food bank which is close to where I live. The food bank is called Loaves and Fishes. They are based in East Kilbride and serve around 100 families a week. Everyone working for Loaves and Fishes volunteers their own time. Alongside food, they also provide basic necessities such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, baby needs and period products.


I contacted them to see if they wanted the vouchers as they were or if they would find it more useful to have us purchase items and drop them off. The volunteer I spoke to was delighted to hear that we were looking to donate, and provided me with a list of things to buy. I dutifully made my way to the nearest Tesco. My mental maths is not the most accurate and so I was pleased to see I could use a handheld scanner to tot up the totals as I added things to the trolley.


I had been requested to purchase pasta n sauce packets, mug shots, weetabix, tinned meat, and toilet roll. Tesco appeared to have an offer on both toilet roll and weetabix in big bulk order packets, so I took full advantage of that. I got a fright when I got my overflowing trolley to the checkout. I chose gift card as the payment option and scanned card. A warning came up telling me the balance on the card was £0.00. I frantically scanned another card, only for the same message to pop up! So I called for assistance and friendly staff member came over to see me. Meanwhile I was thinking to myself, I know that I had confirmation they were activated, what have I done wrong! The staff member was quick to point out that my running total of the shop had been reduced by £40 already. And so I was reassured that the gift cards were working fine. 


The next week I waited until my husband was off so I had some help transferring the boot load into the warehouse. As we handed the stuff over, the volunteers were crowing with delight as they explained that a lot of the stuff we had brought the shelves were completely bare of. In fact as we arrived, they had just sent a volunteer off to fill their boot with toilet rolls. What a state of affairs that the food bank are struggling to fill packages to help people. Loaves and Fishes have a lot of local support, and we are so pleased to be able to add to this. 


Many thanks to COG for providing the means to contribute to our community



 From Lucy Parsons

Thank you COG for the Tesco gift cards, we gave them to the Bournemouth women’s refuge today for the women to use. They were so grateful and it was a great way of making contact and with them and finding out how we can help in the future. Apparently kids craft activities would be good for the holiday periods 😊. Thanks for all your inspiring ideas COG, keep them coming 😊🙏xx


 A message from our Beaumaris church:

We donated our £200 worth of Tesco vouchers today to the Anglesey food bank.
They were absolutely delighted to receive them and said the demand for food parcels in recent months had hit an all time high.
We are going to show your video on Sunday and sure it will lift everyone's spirits to know that the work done in Jesus' name is helping so many people in need.
With love in Jesus from all at Beaumaris.

Friday, 16 December 2022


Thanks to Ruth from our Wyke church for sending these photos from her recent 'Bags of Love ' delivery. Here is John delivering the bags to the staff at the Bradford Soup Rum' where they were gratefully received.


Lovely to see our COG rep in Newport motivating her church members to practice outreach and using their hall as a platform for grace. Here's their 'Good News' cafe that has started and is going well.


For the Random Acts of Kindness weekend in July the Bannockburn Crystal Delphiniums rallied round and donated 53 books which were packaged in waterproof zip food bags with a message plus one of our beautiful Scottish ALS book marks and randomly placed on seats in local areas. As far as we could tell all of them were taken by people to enjoy and hopefully pass on to others.



The vouchers for our 'Tokens of Love' project have been ordered this week. We couldn't let this pass without saying a huge thank you to all our donors- at one point we didn't think we could afford this project but we appealed to you all and your generosity has meant that we can now go ahead and together make a difference to our neighbours this winter.


Here is the latest news from Ipswich. We had a Coffee Morning today and filled the remaining 10 bags that we received from COG earlier in the year. These will be taken to Ipswich Housing Action Group (IHAG) as before. In addition to the toiletries and other useful items included before, this time we put in cosy hats, gloves and socks, and flasks instead of water bottles. Attached are some photos, in one of which you can see lots of the items neatly lined up ready for packing. Each bag contains a card with a simple message of who it is from and includes our website address in case anyone would like to find out more.