Wednesday, 28 April 2021


We have several regular donors and we want to say thank you! So we searched for some cards and found our sister Elicard, who designs and sells hand made cards. She has produced these lovely cards for us and Kat Brown will soon be posting them out for us. 

Monday, 19 April 2021



Chesterfield Ecclesia is supporting Hope House, a home to give young homeless men a new start in life together with the support they need from a Christian based ethos.

The house was purchased last year and has been completely transformed over the last few months to create 14 self contained rooms. The Tesco £50 gift voucher has helped with the purchase of 6 single duvet sets, 4 single fitted sheets and 3 waste paper bins. Thank you COG!



We explored various options for how to make best use of the £50 COG voucher and tried to engage the whole ecclesia in identifying options for us to show an act of kindness to those around us. We did look into one popular suggestion of helping the 'baby basics' charity who help young mums but there was not a local group with whom we could link. It remains an option for the future.

 We decided in the end to reconnect with a local care home we had supported last Christmas when we purchased gifts for staff and residents. This time we enquired about the needs of residents to discover that they were in need of brightening up the garden area for the residents who have an outside seating area which lacked any garden colour and interest. So we used the voucher to purchase a good range of outdoor plants and several members made Easter cards for all of the residents which were hand delivered and very well received.

 The photo shows the home managers with the plants which we delivered to them at Westwood Care home in Ashby, just a few minutes walk from our meeting room. They were delighted with the gifts which we hope will bring many months worth of pleasure to the residents who have experienced a challenging year, and it was lovely to deepen our relationship as an ecclesia with both staff and residents which we hope to continue to grow..

 Hope this is of interest and thank you for enabling us to be involved.



Just a quick update from Torquay. 

We wanted to follow up on the Hug a Home project we took part in at Christmas,  so we put together an Easter hamper full of treats for the staff, and activities for the residents, which was then delivered to the same local care home.

The gifts were gratefully received and hopefully helped to spread some joy.




On behalf of the Cambridge Christadelphians, I would like thank COG for the £50 Tesco voucher. Cambridge have donated this to 'Winter Comfort'. Winter Comfort is a local charity that supports people who are homeless, or at risk of losing their home, in Cambridge. We have  a long association with Winter Comfort and in the past we have also donated COG rucksacks to this charity. We were able to add the money equivalent of the tesco's voucher to our annual collection for Winter Comfort in order to make a total donation of £350. God Willing, when our Youth Group returns to face to face meetings, we would like to work with COG once again to provide filled rucksacks for this charity.

Many thanks for COG's contribution

Friday, 9 April 2021



We used our £50 Lockdown Voucher this week and matched the amount with a donation from Jarvis Avenue to help a Community Project in our area where some of our members live

The following is our post from Facebook which linked in COG and Broxtowe Community Project

We gave them a mixture of baby things - nappies/milk and food, plus sanitary products and tinned food and of course Easter Eggs. Below you will see Naomi Cox presenting the items to staff at the community HQ in Beeston and they were very grateful

 Thanks for the voucher: 



Thank you so much for sending us the Lockdown Voucher at Bournemouth Winton.

We used it yesterday (Good Friday) to give out daffodils and Easter eggs to everyone that came to our hall forecourt to collect free surplus food.  We also gave an Easter card with an invitation to our online Easter Sunday service.

 The surplus food activity, run by a local charity, use our outdoor space to set up their ‘supermarket’ and invite people to come and do their shopping for free.  Although, due to Covid19 restrictions, we could only have minimal helpers from our church there, it was wonderful to be back at work interacting with the local community and catching up with familiar faces.  There were many stories where people have coped surprisingly well during the last year but equally stories which made us feel so thankful for warm homes and food on the table.  We thank the Lord for this local charity in Winton and we pray we are able to support them going forward for as long as we are needed.    



We used our voucher to give to our regular visitors at church in Exeter. They are all vulnerable themselves. They each received £5 to spend and that was matched with another £5 from church. They could spend it on themselves or buy items for the homeless. Some used it to buy wool and knit a hat, others bought food and others toiletries. Some used it for their own needs.

It was great to be able to empower them to think of others and to be able to practice the message of loving your neighbour.

There are some pictures attached of our visitors and of the items collected. They will be delivered to our local homeless charity.


Wednesday, 31 March 2021



Just to let you know our Tesco voucher has gone to the St Mary's Hostel in Bangor for homeless people. 

As a church we decided to add another £50 to it. The charity asked to say a huge thank you.

I think this has been a lovely idea.





Turning a house into a home.

Lockdown housing for the homeless is coming to an end. In Sheffield ASSIST are opening up their 10th house so that four asylum seekers facing destitution have somewhere to live. The Tesco voucher was used to but some essentials and some items to make the house more homely.

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