Wednesday, 28 July 2021


Well done to all at Tamworth Church who took part in the St Basil’s Hike for the Homeless !

Last Saturday a few of our more hardy members (To be fair, there were a lot of folks on holiday who would have loved to have walked!) Hiked for the Homeless.
St Basils works with young people to enable them to find and keep a home, grow their confidence, develop their skills, increase opportunities and prevent homelessness.
The three who walked the full 26 miles were cheered on at the finish by friends and family.
The others walked the more family friendly 6 mile route, but all had a very enjoyable time out in the Warwickshire countryside.
They were sponsored by friends and others donated to St Basil’s in support of them.
And they all said they would love to do it again next year!
Our teams walked under our “TamFam”, banner which gave opportunity to explain who we were and why we wanted to join the event.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021


Here's a summary so far of how the lockdown vouchers have been spent across the UK. Its great to see all the local community projects that have been touched by the kindness of their local church and we hope that links made will be built on.

Aberdeen: Inchgarth Community Centre

Ashby: Westwood Care Home

Beaumaris: St Marys Hostel

Birmingham West: Bread & wine

Bournemouth Winton: B Change Makers

Cambridge: Winter Comfort

Carmel Page: Assist ( Assylum seekers)

Chesterfiield: Hope House

Dunstable: Noah enterprise

Exeter: Cafe visitors gift 

Glasgow South: Loaves and Fishes

Guildford: Challengers

Hereford: The Living Room

Horley: Community Fridge

Ipswich: Castle Hill Community Centre

Kings Heath, Rowley Regis, Walsall, Clevedon, Stirling, Worcester: Trussell Trust food bank

Nottingham JA: Broxtowe Community Project

Oxford: Helen & Douglas House

Plymouth: Love in a Bag

Spalding: Agape Care foodbank

Sofa Church: Ely Baby Bank

Southampton: Society of St James 

Tamworth: Neighbourhood gift drop by sunday school children

Wells: Store House

Worthing: Turning Tides

Wyke: The Bradford Soup Run

Monday, 12 July 2021



Thank you very much for the £50 Lockdown Voucher you sent to us at Southampton.  We decided to combine it with our own collection and hand both over to the Society of St James, a charity for the homeless in Southampton and Hampshire

 I met with Dennis Jones (their Marketing and Communications manager) on 30 June – photo attached.  He was very pleased with the donations and said "We are grateful to The Southampton Christadelphians for their donation. The support will benefit those who are affected by homelessness across Hampshire. Thank you for supporting SSJ and making a difference to the work we do."

 Thank you to all the COG team for all the important work you do – and help us do.


Wednesday, 23 June 2021



A number of our Tamworth family are joining the St Basil’s Hike on 24th July as part of our Outreach opportunity.

A few brave ones are tackling the full 24 miles, but most are going for the short walk and, while everyone walks in ‘teams’, they will all set off at roughly the same time and be within shouting distance of each other, so this is providing a lovely opportunity for us to see each other again and help us to get back into the Outreach groove!

If anyone would like to support this venture, we’d be happy to hear from you.

Monday, 14 June 2021


The Sofa Church in Ely spent their COG voucher this week. It went towards nappies and milk for their outreach project. Here’s Chris, one of the volunteers from Ely Baby Bank with the donation.

Monday, 7 June 2021



Thanks for the £50.00 LOCKDOWN VOUCHER.

Clevedon added £50.00 more and we bought items to fill 10 bags with treats for youngsters.

These were distributed by our local Trussell Trust to families with children in the half term week following Whitsun

Keep up the good work

Tuesday, 1 June 2021



I have worked with an organization based in Guildford called Challengers (originally Disability Challengers) who offer play, interaction, one to one development work - and have all sorts of light and sound interaction rooms for their work with disabled children. Most of these are quite severely disabled and to give parents just a couple of hours a week break from having to look after their kids is a bonus. No child (or young person) is ever turned away for being too difficult.

Due to cutbacks they have lost some of their funding and have been really struggling to keep as many services going as possible. Our business has worked with them for 20 years helping with fundraising. The Guildford meeting agreed to give the £50 voucher to Challengers to use for whatever they needed and could get from Tesco.


Here is a lovely report from our Guildford church:

We used the £500 grant from COG as seed funding for computers to 2 different schools.

Firstly we gave 3 refurbished (recent models) I-pads to Gosden House School which is for kids with learning difficulties and who really need an I-pad each to be able to work with the programmes they use. Currently some have to share, so being given some extra was a great boon to them.

In addition to that we bought 2 brand new Chrome Books for a school located in a deprived area of Guildford where some kids really need a computer as they do not have one at home.

The total amount donated by our Guildford church members was eventually almost £2000. The £500 grant was a great start and helped to get the whole exercise going.




During January and February two of our youngsters, Holly Walton and Jacob Constable, set themselves a challenge to collect as much food as they possibly could for our local food bank.

They received a heap of donations, and the voucher from COG was added to the collection. At  the end of the challenge period Jacob delivered all the food, along with the voucher, to the food bank. Below is a photo of the volunteers at the food bank who had just received the delivery.

 It was wonderful that our youngsters wanted to do something so proactive, and they were very grateful that people responded so enthusiastically to their request. So they wanted me to say a great big thank you to COG on their behalf.

Saturday, 29 May 2021




I used the £50 voucher that you sent Spalding ecclesia and bought food for the local food bank in the town where we own our Opticians. Here's the photo: