Wednesday, 27 June 2018

'Walk for charity' - outreach idea!

This week three of our members have been walking for charity! This is a great outreach idea for us all to think about- why not talk to your ecclesia about doing something similar or get a few people together and raise money for a local charity or even for COG!

Here's Viv's report and a few photo's:

St Basil's is a small charity based in Birmingham which supports young homeless people in the West Midlands, helping them get off the streets and into supported accommodation and back into worthwhile lives. It is one of the local charities that we have raised funds for at Kings Heath and have had inspirng talks from them about their work. St Basils have run fundraising challenges for nearly 20 years and when I saw that this years challenge was based in the Black Mountains and started in Hay-on-Wye, I was inspired to apply, inviting Alison and Suzette to join me. I knew it was a beautiful part of the world, having fond memories of taking youth groups away to a nearby hostel in the past. The challenge offered three levels of walk, at roughly 6 miles, 15 miles and 25 miles and participants had to be in teams of 3 and 6 people. I was impressed at the organisation of the day, with advice, maps and route descriptions in advance, numerous friendly volunteers at checkpoints and the start/finish site. water and chocolate available en route, efficient parking arrangements and a great atmosphere pf encouragement. So far our team have raised over £400 in online donations and cash and we are already thinking ahead to possibly more of us join in for next years challenge on Cannock Chase! 
It was a long, hot day ( with more stiles than you could imagine!) but great company and beautiful, varied scenery and we all survived more or less unscathed ( the blisters are healing fast!). Many of the big charities run these kinds of events - some of them only really for the seriously athletic or adventurous but this seemed like a wider range of people could aspire to be part of it and all the donations go directly to the work as our modest entry fees have already covered the organisational costs.
More donations always welcome 'St Basils Walk Challenge 2018' - virgin money giving site