Monday, 2 December 2019


Thank you to Dunstable Christadelphian Church for distributing Greggs vouchers to their local shelters as part of our Cups of Love project ♥️
Here’s a report from them:
“This past week we were able to share some of our bountiful blessings with those around us who are in need.
Signposts and Noah are charities we have worked with in the past, and they were grateful to both receive 20 Gregg's voucher cards, each with £10 of credit on them.
They will distribute them as they see the need arise in Luton and the surrounding area, over the coming weeks.
Each card should allow the recipient to buy two hot meals and a drink.
We pray for Jesus to come back soon to bring an end to hunger and need, but in the meantime let us continue to do what we can for our neighbours.
Emma “