Thursday, 22 October 2020


 Here's an update from one of our churches at Worcester with ideas of how to adapt your outreach during lockdown:

During the initial peak, we were very aware that care homes would not be receiving the same amazing support and assistance that our own homes were, so we established a link with a care home in Worcester. We’ve baked cakes for the staff and residents, and raised funds to help them finish their sensory room (I’ve attached a couple of photos).
We’ve also been trying to keep in touch with many of the families that attended our toddler group. Helen Downes recorded a number of story sessions to help keep little ones entertained during lockdown. These were put on YouTube ( this is a link to one as an example), and the link was sent to as many of the parents/careers that we could reach. We asked people to pass it on to as many other parents of little ones as possible.
We’ve now set up a Facebook Messenger group for toddler parents and carers, and have begun hosting a weekly zoom story and chat session! My farm animal sounds are as good as ever!
With Christmas not that far off, we’re planning to bring some Christmas cheer to our community. Music and messages are in the process of being recorded for sharing! They’ll form part of our Christmas Eve Service which we will invite families and friends to watch online.
We’re also looking into how the Christmas ‘Shoebox Appeal’ might work this year, and are considering putting together some care packs for residents in care homes who will be without visitors this Christmas.
It’s all a little strange, but we’re learning how to adapt as an ecclesia.