Monday, 8 March 2021



Here is our first photo back from our Glasgow South church:

We decided that we would donate to a nearby foodbank to my home address. I went today and purchased items from a list given by the food bank, Loaves and Fishes.

We have a local contact in Strathaven who picks up any donations. She specifically requested Easter eggs, hence why I bought so many (as seen in the picture below). I had asked her what was needed most and tried to buy from that list. As it was Tesco, as is my own experience, shopping there doesn’t buy you very much! I tried to be as careful as I could as our contact suggested quantity over quality. It was a humbling experience, knowing that I myself would previously not have noticed the cheaper items on the shelf after spotting ones which were familiar to me.

Also, not being able to buy fresh produce felt very strange. I try to avoid too much processed food for our family, and this shop showed me just how much of a privilege that is! It was hard to buy lesser quality stuff for people who already have so little.

 Please keep those that use and work in the food bank in your prayers. It is good to feel uncomfortable now and again as it reminds us that we have much to give from our own blessings.

Thank you for the opportunity!