Saturday, 23 September 2017

Appeal update

Our sleeping bag appeal is going well and donations are coming in fast. Thank you! We will soon be able to order our first batch of bags through Amazon who have given us a good deal. See the notes below which explain our route to distribution. You will receive regular reports and photos of distribution as we progress through the Winter.

We've been asked two questions regarding our bags of love appeal:

To whom should cheques be made payable?

Answer: "Christadelphian Outreach Group".
See the 'donations' page on our blog for various ways you can donate to our appeal.

Are used sleeping bags of any use?


The COG "Bags of Love" appeal aims to collect money to purchase new, water resistant bags that can be delivered free, in bulk, to a few meetings who will distribute them to their local shelter. We are not collecting bags to distribute ourselves this time.

Our research identified a need for a particular type of bag to provide adequate warmth for sub zero temperatures and that it was sensible to link in with those already "on the ground" to distribute. Logistically it is more complex for us to collect and deliver used sleeping bags to the locations that need it. It also overcomes the problem of inappropriate donations which often happens. 

The idea of this project though is to encourage meetings to become involved with supporting the homeless so we would not want to discourage anyone from the collection of suitable used bags as well. We would suggest that if you have spare used bags it is more sensible to collect these locally and deliver them personally to a charity that is able to distribute them on your behalf. It can also be a great way to involve your local community!