Wednesday, 27 September 2017


The COG "Bags of Love" appeal aims to collect money to purchase new, water resistant bags that can be delivered free, in bulk, to a few meetings who will distribute them to their local shelter or charity.

We have identified ecclesias from our recent survey that already have links with a homeless charity or local shelter, such as Crisis or Shelter, in place or are keen to start one up. The main thinking behind this is that a link can be formed or strengthened by using outreach as a group with the local community.

We have an agreed deal with ‘Amazon’ and will be dispatching the donated bags in bulk to our participating ecclesias, as the funds become available. Those ecclesias will then deliver them to their charity or shelter as a one off donation over the winter. We felt that it was sensible and important to link in with those already "on the ground" to distribute, ensuring that the bags get to those who need them the most.

We will be asking for short reports and hopefully a few photos so that we can feed back to those who are interested. After research, we chose the ‘Viking Trek’ sleeping bag for this project. 

Here's some details on the bags:   Viking Trek sleeping bag

If you have any questions about distribution please get in touch but we will be keeping you regularly updated with progress.

Update: The donations are coming in fast and we thank all of you who have sent money in so far. We will post our current total shortly!