Friday, 26 October 2018

South Wales

Thank you to Julie (South Wales COG Llanelli area group) for this report: 

“Jo and I , along with Glan, took the rucksacks filled with wash kit items, 10 for males and 10 for females to The Wallich Llanelli. They are a charity who are doing their very best to help the homeless. We also took lots of food and the extra things of wash kit items plus lots of bars of chocolate. The Wallich are extremely grateful for our help and were still talking about the sleeping bags from last year. These bags will be gone very quickly and as The Wallich say it won't even scratch the surface but it is very welcome. Jo and I after speaking to them have learnt that the homeless in Llanelli are not as well looked after compared to those in Swansea, who have some access to healthcare, day centres etc. I haven't been able to stop thinking about an idea that won't leave my head. One of the many things the homeless need is somewhere they can go during the day, wash their clothes, have a shower, have some hot/ cold food and drink, get access to the medical profession, internet access, advice. Maybe get change of clothes and food. So many ideas bubbling away in my head but with no idea on feasibility or how to action any of it. The Wallich are going to be inviting me and anyone else to go in for a chat, so any help, advice, someone to come with me would be brilliant. There are so many empty buildings in Llanelli....! “