Monday, 12 November 2018


Cambridge once again decided to be a distribution group and I took delivery of 20 rucksacks. 10 of these went to CCH ( Caring for Cambridgeshires Homeless). This is a group that I volunteer with so I have the privilege of actually handing the rucksacks over and knowing that they will be well used. I recommend that if you want to really experience what street life is like, you find your local street group and join. Even if you are not physically able to walk the streets, there is so much to do behind the scenes- making sandwiches, soup, baking and shopping for the items they so desperately need. This group works entirely from Facebook and you simply sign up on a rota- there's no commitment or expectation- we are just glad of your hands and feet to pull the trolleys and serve the food.I never feel closer to Jesus than when I am with this group and it is life changing for most volunteers.

With the other 10 I wanted to get the youth group involved-  have found their non judgemental attitude and eagerness to give so refreshing and exciting- if we can inspire them to help their neighbour at a young age it will carry through their lives. So we asked Cambridge members for donations and spent a happy evening filling the bags and they all put a personal note in the top. We also made two big tray chocolate tray bakes for my freezer, to be cut up and taken out to my street friends. These were later taken down to Winter Comfort, one of the big hostels in the city centre, were they were gratefully received.