Wednesday, 22 January 2020


Outreach Idea 3
To help your neighbour you need to know and love them.
Often we don’t live near our church hall but this doesn’t need to be a barrier to research.
Join your church’s local area Facebook page.
Locate local community activities and people and make the link.
Go to council meetings, visit local churches and public venues,
Find the local newsletters
Be interested and involved in your community as they are your ‘crop’ to love and work with.
Chat with people- ask them what they would like your church to do for them.
Reading books on church outreach can inspire and motivate you to try a new idea - COG has several you can ask for.
Time spent on research is invaluable as it means that you can offer something that the community REALLY needs - not what you THINK they need.
The key is to make relationships that open your doors to those who need your church.