Monday, 6 January 2020


A note from our Solihull church:

Thank you very much to COG for organizing the Gregg's vouchers. At Solihull we handed them out to our 40 Iranian contacts.

Our Iranian friends were very grateful for this. We meet with the ones still living in hostels in Birmingham. On the day we handed them out, there was one gentlemen who had arrived in the UK by dingy just three days earlier.
They have reported the hostels as dire, and the food minimal and unappealing and often not hygienic. Whilst they are living in the hostels, they do not receive any money from the government.

The Greggs vouchers were then very much appreciated as it allows them not only to supplement their diet, but it allows a little bit of freedom whilst they are in a very difficult, confusing and out of their control situation.

There have been occasions when they have turned up to a Bible class and as a result have missed the meal provided at the hostel. Being able to give them a voucher for food acknowledges that care and love and comfort and providing material needs is a major part of following Christ.

So thank you very much!