Monday, 6 January 2020


From Newbury:

From January Newbury Soup Kitchen has been given the opportunity to give out £10 food vouchers for Greggs Bakery at 77 Northbrook Street Newbury to rough sleepers. These vouchers have been donated by Newbury Christadelphinians from Lower Way Thatcham.

The Christadelphians support Newbury Soup Kitchen throughout the year with other projects and donations. Meryl Praill the founder of Newbury Soup Kitchen "Acts of kindness from organisations and groups such as Newbury Christadelphians makes such a difference to people who are in desperate need in our area. With the colder weather no doubt approaching as we move into January and February these vouchers will give a bit more flexibility for someone in need of a hot drink or hot meal outside our usual meal sessions or other charities who open throughout the week. 

Matthew Groves who is the manager of the Greggs Store supports Newbury Soup Kitchen every week organising food donations for our sessions, he always goes above and beyond his role as manager to help where he can. It is almost as if he has adopted Newbury Soup Kitchen and always checks in to see what he can do to help us".

Now Christmas is over and we look forward to a new year it is important to remember that Homelessness is not just for Christmas and the works continues all year around to help make people's lives more bearable and to help them move forward in a positive direction.