Monday, 15 March 2021



Here is Tamworth church feedback:

We have had great fun spending the COG voucher, as you will see from the attached video!

We decided that we would encourage our children to think about how they might show a little of God’s love to their neighbours, and as we all tend to live a distance away from our Church, the love was spread over many miles … even as far as Glasgow!

 We gave each Sunday School family £10 to spend, chatted through a few ideas and left it up to them.  They made cards and wrote notes and then went out delivering. The children talked about how much joy it had given them to bring smiles to people’s faces and how it had helped them to see some people in a different light.  Some delivered to just one or two people, others visited each house in their street, but the lovely thing was that they all put a lot of thought into what they gifted and the reason for their choices. 

 In the days that followed many of them received messages and cards of thanks for bringing a bit of joy into lives during Lockdown.  The impact of this was that the children saw first hand how a smile and a little kindness can go a long way.  Some of the parents were able to make contact with neighbours who might need a little extra help and encouragement.  One lady said that she had been so lonely she prayed for something to brighten her day.  That brightness came in the shape of a little boy, who thought she looked sad so ran into his house, grabbed some flowers and a card and presented her with them over the garden wall.  She stopped for a chat the next day when the family were out in the garden …. “You’ll never know what that meant to me.”   God works through us all, big and small alike.