Friday, 28 May 2021



We got in touch with a local refuge and asked them if we could help them in anyway.  They asked for plants and pots for a therapeutic gardening project they were starting.  So we went to Tesco and bought a great selection for them with the voucher.

When we delivered them we noticed that everything was pretty worn out in the refuge and we asked if we could buy them some new towels.  They also mentioned they would like a collection of vases so they could give each room fresh flowers each month.  So we spent the £50 extra on M&S towels for them and we asked everyone from Winton if they also wanted to contribute.  In the end we bought £500 worth of towels!!

We’ve also been gathering unwanted vases from people’s cupboards!

Thanks for inspiring us to do this - it turned out to be a very worthwhile activity!

God bless