Thursday, 13 May 2021




Following up on the latest initiative from the Christadelphian Outreach Group (COG) we added £100 to a £50 Tesco voucher they forwarded to help out our local community in lockdown.

 Noah is a Luton-based charity that we have been linking to recently, including previous COG initiatives on rucksacks and sleeping bags. They were very appreciative. We handed the voucher to a brave volunteer working alone in a doorway with a queue of needy demanding people. She said it would go straight to the chef.

Noah is particularly focussed on offering what hope and support they can to homeless and excluded people. The ensure rough sleepers have somewhere to eat, shelter and sleep if necessary as well as social support. Their fundraising has been badly impacted by the pandemic, meeting only 37% of their annual target last year. They run several charity shops in the area.