Monday, 27 July 2020


Following a grant from COG, our Baby Bank project which is being run by a few of us, has started to grow. We now have a shed with shelving for the many donated items from the community and have helped 10 clients in the last three weeks with clothes, prams and nappies. 

Our first step was to contact our nearest baby bank who were very willing to help with support and advice.Then by making links with local social services, councils, GP's and local community groups and using Facebook as our main route, word is spreading and it's become very clear that there is a need for our work, which is exciting. We have also linked with food bank and will have vouchers printed that we can hand over if we see a further need. 

We have had 4 offers of help with sorting clothes and making deliveries which we hadn't expected- it will be great to get the local community involved - always good with a church outreach project.

We will keep you updated but we thank God that he has given us opportunity to work together and show his love to those around us.To watch progress you can visit our fb page- Ely Baby Bank.Why not get together with other members and see what outreach project you can do in your area- COG will fund and support whatever you do.