Sunday, 19 July 2020


Our small team is filled with sadness at the news that our wonderful friend and sister Mel, has fallen asleep. 

Mel was diagnosed with cancer shortly after joining us three years ago, so we feel as though we have walked with her through the illness. She bounded up to us at our first outreach day, where we announced that we needed a treasurer for our new project, and what a blessing she has been. COG work mostly through a very active messenger chat, meaning that we can talk frequently and act quickly. Mel’s voice has been a constant on the group chat , right up to two weeks ago when she advised us on her successor after getting the accounts beautifully in order for us. Always perky and smiling even when we knew she was going through very tough treatment and always bold,  wise and to the point. She was somebody we all turned to for the last word and we all trusted her judgement completely. 

Her last message to us talked about how wonderful it had been to work together and how exciting to have been involved in COG which was so needed in our community- Mel really understood true outreach and we have lost a huge asset. God gave and God has taken away- we will continue to push the message about the transforming power of grace that can be seen in outreach as she would want us to.  But we will miss her so much!