Wednesday, 28 October 2020


Here is a report from one of our recent 'Bags of Love' deliveries to one of our churches at Wyke. If you would like to help us send more sleeping bags and rucksacks out please head to our website and click on 'Donate'.

The Bradford Soup Run was founded by John Temple and has been helping homeless

people since 1984.

Some people may think they provide just soup, but there’s rather more to it than that…

A typical meal starts with a combination of

 Orange and mango juice with vitamin supplement

 Soup and soft white rolls

 Nutritious stew

 Tea/Coffee and biscuits followed by an apple, orange and banana

Afterwards, the clients choose clothing, boots/shoes; bedding and bags and bags of

encouragement.  The work has been particularly challenging in the current conditions.

Here is John with the 20 sleeping bags in his car.