Monday, 7 December 2020

Hug a Home Exeter

Here is a case study from Emma Palmer and the Christadelphian church in Exeter. Thankyou to everyone involved in this pilot project.
During COVID those who live in residential care homes have had to face months of isolation.
They are classed as “highly vulnerable” and as a result, visits from family and trips out to break up the days have stopped. Sadly, some have been very unwell during this time, others, with dementia have become increasingly confused. Without regular visits from loved ones their memories for them have lessened. Carers have found it difficult to deal with, a difficult job has become harder. They all need our love and recognition which is why Hug-a-Home is a greatly appreciated project.
We chose a home closest to our hall in Exeter, we have not spoken to them before but they have been very touched by being “chosen” to receive our gifts. There are 32 residents and 32 members of staff. I emailed the manager and she provided my with a list of their first names. I then ordered 32 blankets from various websites, all of which were delivered within a week. We bought some top quality biscuits and chocolates for the staff – there are great offers out there. Members of the church volunteered to wrap a number of gifts which I delivered to some and the others collected from the hall. They were allocated the name of the residents or staff member and then wrote a short note in a Christmas card to send our love. Once all had been wrapped they could be returned to the hall or collected from their homes. I just have to drop them off at the home in the week before Christmas.
It is very easy, very simple and can involve people who are isolating at home, of any age. We hope to continue to send notes to the residents over the coming months. Maybe we could visit them once this is all over, arrange for some to come to our coffee mornings?
To show love and care is to live the gospel.
How blessed we are to be able to do this even in a time of crisis.